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The New and Improved Mathletics

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Join us in revisiting the extraordinary journey of Mathletics in 2023, where exciting new features simplified teaching, sparked student engagement and delivered curriculum-aligned-content like never before.

Curious to see what’s changed? Take a look at our video!

Trending now: the NEW Mathletics Student Centre!

The Mathletics Student Centre has undergone a two-year transformation, emerging as a buzzing, modern, student-centric hub. 

Here, students unleash their creativity by customising personal dashboards with captivating backgrounds, vibrant colour themes and more. 

The result? A uniquely tailored learning space that beckons them to explore time and time again.

A points-this-week widget, weekly themes and real-time challenges in Live Mathletics guarantee a unique learning experience, with a special surprise for those who achieve 1000 points per week. 

The Student Console showcases each student’s achievements including personal stats, questions answered, gold bars, rewards and M coins earned!  

The Avatar Maker era has begun 

An astounding 6,000,000+ avatars have been created since the Avatar Maker debuted earlier this year! 

To create and modify their avatars, students must earn Mathletics points by completing Activities, Skill Quests or Live Mathletics challenges. 

Each point converts to one M Coin. Students can spend their M Coins in the store where they can purchase items to personalise their unique avatar. 

Check out our video below and get ready to see your students’ creativity soar! 

Assign & Review: A fivestar teaching experience 

The enhanced Assign and Review integrates with the new Student Centre, employing the same Learn, Revise and Assess framework. 

Here, you can set start and due dates, reassign tasks and monitor live results all from the convenience of one central hub. 

The traffic light system shows you how well students are doing at a glance. 

Easily spot their strengths and areas for improvement, so you can step in right on time with focused help. 



Explore, find, and preview activities with easy access to teacher notes and control student access for more focused learning. 

Watch our video below to dive into the details! 

Milestone madness: Over one million Student Certificates achieved and counting

Dive into the thrill of rewarding effort with our new student certificates tied to Achievement Levels.

Climb the ranks from Bronze to Legend as students earn 1000 points each week.

Explore the exciting journey through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond and Epic levels!

Rediscover the thrill of learning with Mathletics 

With incredible new features boosting engagement to unprecedented levels and curriculum-aligned content, Mathletics now offers an even more enhanced experience for students to strengthen maths concepts at school and at home. 

The biggest classroom impact I have noticed is that students now enjoy maths

Mathletics Teacher

The new and improved Mathletics not only makes teaching more efficient but has also earned the trust of over 200,000 educators worldwide with its proven results. 

Join us in rediscovering the joy of learning with Mathletics today! 

Log in now to explore the latest Mathletics enhancements or try it free today! 

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