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A Decade of Mathletics Success at College Heights Christian School (A Principal’s Perspective)

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For a decade, College Heights Christian School in Alberta, Canada has been transforming math education, fostering a love for the subject and boosting student achievement.

Their secret weapon? Mathletics, our engaging online math program.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Steven Gabrys, the school’s principal and former grade 5–6 math teacher whose enthusiasm for Mathletics is as contagious as his dedication to student success.

Here, he shares his experience.

The game-changer: How Mathletics turned the tables

Many schools grapple with making math accessible and enjoyable for students while also improving results and College Heights was no exception. Their objectives were clear:

  • Improve math scores: District mandates called for a focus on raising math achievement.
  • Increase student engagement: Injecting fun and excitement into math was a key priority.
  • Implement differentiated instruction: Meeting the needs of all learners, from those needing extra support to advanced students, presented an ongoing challenge.

College Heights struggled with these challenges – until they discovered Mathletics.

“It’s been a journey of seeing student success, energy, enjoyment and celebration of learning,” reflects Principal Steven Gabrys. “Mathletics has helped build confidence and change the mindset of our students. This phenomenal product is not only curriculum-aligned but also engaging and fun!”

Unleashing personalized learning

One of Mathletics’ biggest superpowers is supporting differentiated instruction.

“The program allows us to meet the needs of diverse learners simultaneously, without them even realizing it,” Steven explains. “We can challenge gifted students while providing targeted support for those who are struggling.”

He shares how one gifted student used Mathletics to blaze through multiple grade levels within a single year. Conversely, for struggling students, celebrating small wins boosted their self-belief.

As Steven recalls, “I loved being able to celebrate learning with students who were struggling. They could achieve weekly goals at their level and receive certificates, just like their peers. This instantly changed their perception of themselves as learners, showing them ‘Hey, maybe I can do this’!”

Igniting a love for math

Mathletics caters to a range of learning styles, empowering students of all abilities to become active participants in their math journey.

“Some students are already ahead of their grade level,” shares grade 5 teacher Kristi Kiš, “and Mathletics allows them to continue challenging themselves.”

One of the key factors driving student enthusiasm is the engaging and gamified nature of Mathletics. Features like customizable avatars also allow students to express their individuality and personalize their learning experience.

Kristi elaborates, “Students love creating their avatars and deciding what they want to look like! They can practice concepts and have fun doing it!”

Celebrating learning: The Mathletics Hall of Fame is born!

Mathletics doesn’t just provide practice. The program incorporates a fun, points-based system that motivates students and fosters a healthy sense of competition.

The school has taken this celebratory spirit even further by creating a ‘Mathletics Hall of Fame’ that awards students who complete their entire grade-level curriculum on the program.

Steven explains, “We’ve developed a gold medal that we award at the end of the year to students who’ve accomplished their entire year’s curriculum within Mathletics. You can see the joy that comes with using the program, it really helps engage students to accomplish their goals.”

A supportive partnership for continued success

From a teacher’s perspective, Kristi appreciates how Mathletics simplifies planning, grading, progress tracking and ensuring all curriculum standards are covered.

“I can just grab an activity, and Mathletics does the grading for me,” she says. “It’s fantastic that it’s aligned with the curriculum, making planning and tracking progress much easier. It saves me a lot of time!”

Steven also cites the strong relationship with 3P Learning, the company behind Mathletics, as another reason for their decade-long success with the program.

“The partnership, collaboration and support make it a product I want to continue using,” he says. “With Mathletics, we get instant responses, technical support and training for our staff. Knowing we’re working with a team that aligns with our goal of helping kids learn is invaluable.”

As the school looks to build literacy skills through our online reading program, Reading Eggs, Steven is confident they’ll receive the same excellent support.

Differentiated learning made easy with Mathletics

Measurable results: The power of Mathletics in action

The impact of Mathletics at College Heights Christian School is undeniable. Not only are students performing better, but a positive shift in attitude has also emerged.

“We’re seeing test scores strengthen and grow,” Steven beams. “Students are more prepared with numeracy fluency and they have a ‘math is cool’ mindset!”

Perhaps the most rewarding outcome is the story of a former student whose passion for STEM was ignited by Mathletics.

“The self-directed learning experience ignited a passion for math in her,” Steven reflects. “She’s now pursuing a science-related field in university and I’ve no doubt Mathletics played a significant role in sparking that love of learning.”

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