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Case Study: How Ripple Primary Combined Mathseeds & Mathletics to Engage ALL Students in Maths

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In Barking, Essex, on the outskirts of London, Ripple Primary faced challenges familiar to many schools: limited resources and the need to effectively engage a student body with diverse needs.

Traditional methods of assigning maths paper homework were proving less impactful and the need for a comprehensive maths solution that could cater to every student’s potential was paramount.

Their search led them to the combined power of our online maths programs for schools, Mathseeds (Years R–4) and Mathletics (Years 1–10).

Explore how the integration of our two award-winning programs ushered in new era of effective, engaging and personalised maths learning at Ripple Primary.

The challenges of traditional maths instruction

Agazi Kahsai, a Year 6 teacher at Ripple Primary, recalls the uphill battle of traditional maths learning and paper-based homework that simply couldn’t cater to the diverse needs of his classroom.

“Paper worksheets were a constant struggle. They’d go missing all the time, with excuses ranging from the classic ‘my dog ate it’ to the more creative.”

With students from various backgrounds and possessing a wide range of learning styles and proficiency levels, the one-size-fits-all approach left many students behind, struggling to grasp concepts or feeling bored with material they already understood.

Recognising these limitations, Agazi sought a solution that could adapt to individual needs and learning styles:

“We needed a program that would spark engagement and cater to all students, regardless of their learning level or background.”

Enter the powerful duo: Mathseeds & Mathletics

In 2021, Ripple Primary embraced the Mathseeds & Mathletics Maths Package, providing students access to both programs.

The Maths Package combines Mathseeds’ vibrant animations and playful activities for effective foundational skill development, with Mathletics’ proven personalised learning paths and captivating features to improve engagement and results.

Agazi, expressing confidence in both programs, noted:

“Our top priority was to ensure students would participate and both programs provide a wealth of engaging elements and built-in rewards, which are essential for keeping students actively involved in their learning.”

Group of primary school students using Mathletics

Improved student engagement and confidence

The introduction of both programs has led to a remarkable boost in student engagement and confidence with Agazi also noting the elimination of traditional homework excuses such as ‘I forgot to bring it’.

Students are excited to learn and actively participate in class discussions, their enthusiasm evident in how they support each other.

Reflecting on the change, Agazi shares:

“The programs have not only improved student engagement but also their confidence. They’re more eager to contribute to class discussions, often even helping each other!”

Using Technology in the classroom

Personalised maths learning for every student

The unique strength of the Mathseeds and Mathletics Maths Package lies in its capacity to meet the diverse needs of learners.

Mathseeds, with its engaging lessons and real-world contexts, sparks curiosity and captivates younger learners, laying a solid foundation in key concepts.

For students eager to progress, Mathletics offers the flexibility to explore advanced concepts through gamified practice and dynamic challenges.

Agazi notes:

“Having both programs means students who are falling behind or need more help are supported, while more advanced students can progress to higher-level concepts at their own pace, eliminating any sense of being held back. This approach epitomises limitless education!”

Male teacher teaching a student in uniform

Empowering teachers, streamlining processes

The Mathseeds and Mathletics Maths Package also saves teachers like Agazi valuable time.

The programs’ automated marking and data-backed reports efficiently identify knowledge gaps, allowing for tailored instruction and prompt intervention.

Agazi also notes that assigning Mathseeds or Mathletics activities for independent practice at home can help address potential misconceptions before classroom instruction, leading to more effective class time learning:

“With both programs, I can assign practice to pinpoint and address gaps. I can also pre-teach lessons in advance by assigning work for students, positioning them to better grasp the material when introduced in class. It’s like plugging holes before they become problems!”

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