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Math Growth with Minimal Disruption: A Mathseeds School Success Story

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As educators, finding easy-to-integrate online learning solutions that also deliver tangible results can be a challenge.

Here, we bring you a success story from 10th and Green Elementary School in Pennsylvania.

Retired Principal Susan Lozada shares how Mathseeds, our online math program for pre-K to grade 3, became a powerful force in increasing student engagement and accelerating growth with minimal disruption.

Mathseeds for Teachers

Challenges and solutions: A seamless integration

Adding an online math learning tool without disrupting the classroom flow was a key priority for 10th and Green Elementary.

Mathseeds emerged as the solution with Susan noting:

“I had high confidence in the program and felt that most of the training was intuitive and would be an easy turnaround with students.”

Integrating Mathseeds at 10th and Green was a breeze, thanks to their existing experience with Reading Eggs, our complementary platform for reading.

Just as Reading Eggs empowers schools with engaging and personalized reading instruction, Mathseeds takes on the challenge of math with a similar user-friendly interface and seamless integration.

This familiar territory instilled confidence in teachers and minimized the anxieties that often come with implementing new programs.

“Adding Mathseeds brought a level of confidence we usually don’t see because teachers felt confident they could integrate it into their everyday programming much faster than any other program we could have brought in.”

Engagement unleashed: Mathseeds in action

Susan Lozada reflects on the engagement Mathseeds inspires, stating:

“Students don’t see Mathseeds as ‘work’ or a task, instead they see it as a fun activity.”

The program became part of their daily routine, with students eagerly participating in the highly engaging lessons that also offer exciting rewards.

Susan notes:

“When teachers review their work, students are almost surprised they’re actually learning something!”

The blend of game-like activities and explicit, adaptable lessons ensure a program that’s not only fun and student-friendly but also highly personalized.

Check out our video to learn more!

Data-driven differentiation: Navigating learning gaps

Mathseeds empowers educators with effortless differentiated instruction, providing reliable data for targeted interventions.

The placement test ensures struggling students continue to consolidate essential skills, while higher-ability students can extend their number sense and problem-solving abilities.

Susan also emphasizes the importance of using Mathseeds’ performance data to make informed decisions, stating:

“Mathseeds provides data that that allows us to pinpoint what the gap skills are, so we can make decisions for students to accelerate their growth.”

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A trusted partnership: Reliability amid challenges

Throughout the many disruptions over the past few years, Mathseeds stood strong at 10th and Green Elementary.

Susan expresses confidence in the program, sharing:

“My favorite part of Mathseeds is the reliability of the program and our confidence in its usage with our students.”

The reliability of Mathseeds became a beacon of stability during uncertain times along with its effortless integration into daily programming.

“Mathseeds works!”: A Principal’s endorsement for accelerated learning

As 10th and Green Elementary School continues its journey with Mathseeds, the success story serves as an inspiration for schools seeking effective, engaging, and data-driven solutions.

ESSA certified and backed by its proven effectiveness, Mathseeds is trusted by thousands of teachers with Susan’s endorsement encapsulating her experience:

“Working with the Mathseeds team in terms of support has been excellent and I would recommend Mathseeds to other districts.”

Author’s note:

The insights shared by Susan Lozada provide a real-world perspective on the impact of Mathseeds for effective, engaging and data-driven math learning.

Mathseeds is an online math program certified by ESSA, trusted by thousands of US teachers, and backed by proven effectiveness!

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