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Introducing Our NEW Student Avatar Maker

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Drum roll please… something HUGE has arrived!

Presenting our exciting new feature that will make students’ learning in Mathletics MORE personal, MORE fun and better than before.

Introducing our brand-new Avatar Maker

Our brand-new Avatar Maker tool is here to boost empowerment and let your students take control of their own learning experience.

This is a place where your students can express themselves freely. With our brand-new Avatar Maker, they now get to create their very own personal and unique avatars from scratch.

Each student’s avatar makes them feel like they’re the boss. It enables them to create their unique digital representation from scratch, tailoring their looks to match who they are or who they want to be.

Watch your students be creative, be free and be uniquely them!

What’s in the new avatar system?

To create their new avatars, your students will need to earn Mathletics points. They can earn points by completing Mathletics activities, Skill Quests, or a game of Live Mathletics.

In the new Avatar Maker system, students will also notice a new Mathletics currency called M coins. One point earned in Mathletics converts to one M Coin. These M coins do not reset so your students can keep accumulating them.

If your students haven’t earned any coins yet, they’ll still be able to create a base avatar. However, earning more coins gives them the ability to choose more backgrounds and features to decorate their characters.

So keep encouraging your students to build their skills in Mathletics and earn more points!

Plus, the new Avatar Maker won’t disrupt the work you set, as it’s limited to a maximum of 10 minutes per student a day.

Where to find the new Avatar Maker?

The new Avatar Maker can be found in the Mathletics Student Console.

With this new feature, your students can make their learning space as tailored to their needs and aspirations as possible.

Unleash your students’ creativity and empower them to create their unique avatars today!

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Boost student engagement and achieve better maths results with Mathletics today!

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