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Foster a Growth Mindset and Reduce Exam Stress in UK KS2 SATs with Mathletics

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As May approaches, Key Stage 2 SATs in the UK mark a pivotal moment for students — an opportunity to showcase skills, build resilience and transition to the next academic phase.

Throughout this blog, we’ll delve into positive test prep approaches and valuable resources that not only foster independent learning and skill development but also save teachers’ time.

From personalised learning pathways to confidence-boosting techniques, discover key strategies for achieving success in the upcoming KS2 SATs.

Join us to discover how Mathletics makes test preparation fun and effective, giving your students a chance to shine!

How This Primary School Drove Student Engagement and Boosted Maths Confidence

Personalised learning: A driver of achievement in the KS2 SATs

Mathletics identifies individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing teachers to craft tailored learning pathways to bridge learning gaps.

The platform’s Assign and Review features make differentiation a breeze, ensuring students are honing in on areas that matter most.

No more one-size-fits-all frustration, just targeted practice that builds confidence and reduces exam stress.

To learn more, check out our video!

Curriculum-aligned activities and tests to prepare for KS2 SATs

Hundreds of curriculum-aligned activities and practice tasks in Mathletics tackle essential KS2 SATs topics, from number operations and problem-solving, to algebra and geometry.

Here, students solidify their grasp of key concepts through engaging activities, staying focused and on track.

You can also schedule whole or group class assessments to appraise student knowledge and provide a practice run.

Drumlin Integrated Primary School's Journey to High Maths Engagement and Achievement

Powerful diagnostic data and tools to inform teaching

Gain real-time progress reports that illuminate student needs and inform your instruction.

Identify areas requiring extra attention, celebrate achievements and adjust your approach on the fly, ensuring everyone stays on track for KS2 SATs success.

Reduce exam stress and boost KS2 SATs success

Time-saving efficiency and valuable teacher resources

Forget hours spent searching for resources!

Mathletics provides a treasure trove of digital and printable materials, streamlining lesson planning and freeing up valuable time for personalised KS2 SATs prep and support.

Hear directly from teachers about the convenience of Mathletics in our video!

Thousands of teachers trust Mathletics for KS2 SATs success. Start your free trial today and watch your students soar!

Anxiety-busting confidence

The platform’s engaging activities and gamified elements make learning both fun and rewarding!

Experience continuous learning as Mathletics seamlessly blends intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, keeping students captivated and eager to explore.

Say goodbye to maths anxiety! Mathletics not only fosters a growth mindset but also transforms exam stress into a springboard for success.

To learn more, check out our video!

Embrace the brilliance of the world’s leading online maths program for KS2 SATs success

Uncover the impact of educational technology on maths results, with Mathletics leading the way.

Trusted by over 120,000 educators and three million students globally, Mathletics delivers proven results, giving students a 9% advantage in national standardised tests with just 30 minutes of use per week.

Mathletics is a fantastic online learning tool. I would recommend Mathletics to all schools looking to enhance their maths provision.

Teacher, Oughterard National School

Supercharge your KS2 SATs prep! Try Mathletics for free and see the difference in just 30 minutes a week!

boost KS2 SATs success

Mathletics is an online mathematics program packed with thousands of curriculum-aligned activities and fun games, to help students aged 5 to 16 master core concepts taught in class.


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