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8 Simple Ways Mathletics Ticks All Your Classroom Learning Goals

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Teaching is a balancing act.

To ensure each student is learning at their pace, you need to support students with learning gaps, yet provide enough challenge for those who are progressing, so they don’t get bored.

If you’re feeling a little off-balanced, here are 8 ways Mathletics can help.

1. Builds Core Mathematics Foundation and Mastery

Mathletics helps you teach new mathematics concepts and build strong foundational skills with over 1,000 core curriculum activities.

As your students’ progress in their learning, move them to Skill Quests, to develop their mathematical understanding and fluency.

Skill Quests activities are targeted at specific curriculum standards and structured in sequenced steps, to ensure your students are progressing within their zone of learning.

To promote mathematical thinking and get them to apply what they’ve learnt, Mathletics offers 700 real-world contextual Problem Solving and Reasoning questions to choose from.

Lastly, Mathletics helps you review and identify learning gaps quickly by assigning Assessment questions to your class. There are also hundreds of mathematics eBooks in the Mathletics library for offline learning.

Teaching new concepts, developing fluency, promoting mathematical thinking and contextual application, and identifying learning gaps – Mathletics has it all covered.

2. Develops Arithmetic Accuracy and Fluency

Live Mathletics is a great way to improve mental mathematical skills. It motivates students to work on their mental calculation and accuracy through a competitive gaming platform.

Students can compete with a bot, peers from the same class or school. They can even compete with peers from different schools and around the world!

Learning is self-directed in Live Mathletics as there are different levels students can choose from. They can attempt higher levels for that extra challenge, or do the same levels again until they’re happy with their scores.

Try Live Mathletics with your class today!

3. Set, Plan and Review Homework Quickly

Mathletics makes it easy for you to set, preview and plan homework for your class, a group, or individuals. With just 5 to 10 minutes, you’re able to adjust mathematics homework suited to each student’s ability.

Plus, all the marking is done for you! With thousands of curriculum-aligned mathematics activities at your fingertips, there’s no shortage of mathematics work.

4. Allows Differentiated Learning

Mathletics allows you to group your students and set the curriculum to their ability and level across different activities.

Under Skill Quests, there are over 65,000 curriculum-aligned mathematics questions available to assign to each student or the entire class.

In addition, Mathletics lets you set, run, and review custom tests for your students easily. In Assessments, you can filter tests by topics or questions, and assign them according to topics and grade/level.

Once assigned, let Mathletics do the marking for you! As you review each student’s results, set targeted activities for them based on the learning gaps identified in the assessments.

Students can direct their own learning and move through the questions in any order they like. They can even return to questions to change their answers. Once submitted, they can instantly see their results and check the incorrect answers.

All these ensure self-paced learning as your students receive work that is catered to their level.

You also don’t have to worry about students being compared with their peers because students are presented with their own individual learning environment that isn’t marked with their curriculum level.

Let students take ownership of their learning with Mathletics

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5. Better Assess and Address Learning Gaps

With just a few clicks, you get a snapshot of your class or individual students’ performance with Mathletics’s in-depth student reporting.

For example, the Skill Quests Mastery report gives you a detailed progress how each student is performing in each quests. In the Activity Mastery reports, each student’s strengths and weaknesses are highlighted according to the topic or activity, to help you better plan and set targeted homework for more focused learning.

6. Higher Learning Engagement

Mathletics makes mathematics fun and rewarding, catering to the different types of engagement styles through games and gamified activities.

For students who love to go on adventures (the Explorers), Meritopia is an exciting game-like world where they can use points earned to discover the worlds and activities there.

For learners who love to win challenges (the Achievers), Live Mathletics has all the competitive elements. They can choose to play against others or beat their own high scores.

If you have students who love to complete tasks (the Completionists), Multiverse transforms multiplication learning into a fun space-themed gaming experience where they get to complete series of multiplication tasks.

Multiplication games

For younger learners, Rainforest Maths is perfect as they get to explore core mathematics topics while being immersed in a rainforest environment.

Through gamified learning experiences, Mathletics breaks the monotony of worksheets and makes mathematics fun and exciting again.

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7. Greater Student Motivation

To help students gain a sense of achievement, Mathletics blends the intrinsic reward of success and extrinsic motivators.

There are many opportunities in Mathletics for students to take ownership of their own learning. For example, the Traffic light system in Mathletics activities enables see their progress, which activities they have mastered, and which need more effort.

In Live Mathletics and the core Mathletics activities, students can choose to repeat the tasks until they’re satisfied with their scores.

As they work on more activities and improve their learning, students are rewarded with more Mathletics points which allows them to earn certificates, decorate their avatar, or play games in Merioptia.

8. Opportunities to Apply Mathematics in Real-World Setting

Mathletics helps you review your students’ thought process to see if they are able to articulate their solutions clearly.

It makes the thinking behind a solution visible with contextual Problem-Solving and Reasoning questions. Here, students get to apply what they’ve learned to real-world problems. They can write, draw or record a voice memo to show their solutions.

Assign these question to students, or project them on a smart board for collaborative learning and to spark mathematics conversation in your classroom.

Achieve All Your Learning Goals

Mathletics ticks all your learning goals, while ensuring each student is learning at their pace.

It gives you the ability to set, plan and review mathematics homework to each student, so they are consistently learning at a level that is not too difficult or easy. The in-depth reporting helps you identify learning gaps quickly, to hone in on those needs.

Whether it’s for independent, group or whole-class learning – Mathletics has all the tools you need to achieve the perfect balance of success and challenge for your class.

Tick all your learning goals with Mathletics

girls and mathematics

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