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Meritopia Just Got Better!

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Drum roll please… Meritopia 2.0 is now LIVE!

With 2 brand new lands, a whole new multi-level mining game, 60 titans to collect, a new merit system, a general store to buy items – Meritopia just got better, giving your students a complete enhanced level of play to reward their work on Mathletics.

Designed to encourage regular paced mathematics practice and learning, Meritopia encourages uninterrupted learning for students and acknowledges their effort and proficiency with time-boxed fun breaks for all age groups.

You can’t miss it! Learning mathematics has never been more fun.

What to look out for in the new Meritopia:

  • 2 new additional lands to discover and unlock – the Grand Central Canyon and Mount Fondue
  • A completely new multi-level, infinity mode Mining game
  • Meritopia General Store to purchase items to feed Titans
  • 60 Titans to collect and feed
  • Earn merits by mastering Skill Quests
  • A new animated entrance to Meritopia

Meritopia reward system posters

In Meritopia, students earn points to receive Gloop, which they can use to purchase Gizmos to clear the pink clouds to uncover the secrets of the Crystal Beacons, open the Statis Pods and restore Meritopia to its former glory!

Let your students learn all about the wonders of Meritopia. Head over to our free printable resource library, where there’s a Meritopia reward system poster for you to print and use in class.

Psst… have you heard about our most recent Meritopia update? Check it out today.

New updates in Meritopia

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