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Launch Into The Multiverse

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Hello educators, we’re excited to announce that Mathletics is taking off into space with the release of Multiverse!

An Immersive Multiplication Game

Set in a rich, animated story world, Multiverse is an online multiplication fact fluency game where your students take charge as space traders exploring new worlds. They will use their multiplication facts in a story context to scan asteroids, harvest minerals, plot coordinates and defeat space pirates.


Developing mastery of multiplication and division is essential for all students as multiplicative thinking is the basis of many other parts of mathematics including fractions, ratio and algebra. However, learning multiplication facts can be dull and repetitive, and we know how important it is to engage students in their learning.

That is why we created Multiverse, to meet the increased need for engaging online learning games that help children practise their multiplication problems. Without even realising it, your students will be answering thousands of questions as they venture through space and master their multiplication facts!

There will be thousands of multiplication questions but don’t fret, you won’t need to mark and score them.

We know how marking can be such a time burden for teachers. In Multiverse, students will be given immediate feedback on their answers, encouraging them to be reactive in correcting their errors, saving you hours of marking time!

Screen shot of Multiverse, multiplication online games for the class

Learning Multiplication In A Fun And Engaging Way

Multiverse combines the educational rigour that educators love, with a captivating gaming experience that students will love to play and keep playing, as they reinforce their multiplication skills.

Created in collaboration with an award-winning Australian games company, featuring an original story, characters, artwork, games design and scoring, Multiverse is an engaging and immersive environment to practise and develop recall in all mandated multiplication facts.

It is a complete solution to practice and reach fact fluency in all mandated multiplication facts.

Where you can Multiverse in Mathletics

Multiverse is included with all Mathletics subscriptions. If your school is already a Mathletics user, log in to your Mathletics account to access it. It can be found under the play tab of the Student Console.

Don’t have access to Mathletics? We can help.

Click on the link below to find out more.


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