19 05, 2024

Mastering Math, Mastering Potential: How This School District Used Mathletics to Elevate Students Engagement and Enhance the Assessment Process

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Of all the challenges schools tackle in this day and age, Seven Oaks School District found itself facing perhaps one of the most relatable ones: adapting to diverse students’ learning styles, keeping students engaged, and enhancing the formative assessment process. We interviewed Matt [...]

29 04, 2024

A Decade of Mathletics Success at College Heights Christian School (A Principal’s Perspective)

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For a decade, College Heights Christian School in Alberta, Canada has been transforming math education, fostering a love for the subject and boosting student achievement. Their secret weapon? Mathletics, our engaging online math program. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Steven [...]

3 04, 2024

How Glenmerry Elementary Ignited Math Learning with Mathletics (Your School Can Too)!

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Is math often met with resistance in your classroom? Are you looking for ways to: Make math more fun and engaging? Combat math anxiety and boost confidence? Help students of all levels thrive? Watch Principal Terry Jones share how Glenmerry Elementary revamped their [...]

8 03, 2024

Case Study: How Ripple Primary Combined Mathseeds & Mathletics to Engage ALL Students in Maths

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In Barking, Essex, on the outskirts of London, Ripple Primary faced challenges familiar to many schools: limited resources and the need to effectively engage a student body with diverse needs. Traditional methods of assigning maths paper homework were proving less impactful and the [...]

12 02, 2024

Math Growth with Minimal Disruption: A Mathseeds School Success Story

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As educators, finding easy-to-integrate online learning solutions that also deliver tangible results can be a challenge. Here, we bring you a success story from 10th and Green Elementary School in Pennsylvania. Retired Principal Susan Lozada shares how Mathseeds, our online math program for [...]

15 01, 2024

Foster a Growth Mindset and Reduce Exam Stress in UK KS2 SATs with Mathletics

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As May approaches, Key Stage 2 SATs in the UK mark a pivotal moment for students — an opportunity to showcase skills, build resilience and transition to the next academic phase. Throughout this blog, we’ll delve into positive test prep approaches and valuable [...]

8 12, 2023

The New and Improved Mathletics

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Join us in revisiting the extraordinary journey of Mathletics in 2023, where exciting new features simplified teaching, sparked student engagement and delivered curriculum-aligned-content like never before. Curious to see what's changed? Take a look at our video! Trending now: the NEW [...]

19 10, 2023

Effective Math Intervention with Mathletics and Mathseeds

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In recent years, the educational landscape in the United States has seen a significant shift in focus. Whilst literacy has traditionally been at the forefront of intervention programs, the importance of math education is gaining well-deserved attention. Seven US states have taken the [...]

3 07, 2023

How College Heights Christian School Used Math To Make a Positive Impact

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Earlier in the year, College Heights Christian School (CHCS) partnered with 3P Learning (the company behind Mathletics) and a charity organization, A Better World Canada, to raise funds for a primary school in Kenya that needed new desks and water treatment systems for [...]

23 06, 2023

How to Prevent and Recover from Teacher Burnout: 5 Coping Strategies

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As a teacher, you’re likely to be dealing with many challenges that could have you feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated and even burnt out. Moreover, teachers have been faced with the complex task of meeting the diverse needs of students and parents alike. If you’re [...]