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Effective Math Intervention with Mathletics and Mathseeds

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In recent years, the educational landscape in the United States has seen a significant shift in focus.

Whilst literacy has traditionally been at the forefront of intervention programs, the importance of math education is gaining well-deserved attention.

Seven US states have taken the lead by passing new laws requiring schools to provide additional instruction and intervention for struggling math students, driven by low test scores.

These legislative changes in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia and West Virginia, underscore the importance of providing targeted support for struggling students.

Evidence-based math intervention with Mathletics and Mathseeds

It’s time to address math intervention head-on and that’s where Mathletics and Mathseeds can help.

Here, we’ll delve into how Mathletics and Mathseeds, two powerful, evidence-based online math programs, can be harnessed as effective math intervention tools for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Building confidence and reducing math anxiety with adaptive math intervention programs

Mathletics (Grades 4–9) and Mathseeds (Grades K–3), are designed to adapt to each student’s unique learning journey, ensuring they never feel overwhelmed.

By initiating placement tests and targeted assessments, teachers gain invaluable insights into the math proficiency of every student, enabling them to customize their math learning right from the start.

Math intervention programs and differentiation for improved student outcomes

One of the most powerful aspects of Mathletics and Mathseeds is their ability to provide targeted math practice through a vast array of resources.

In a matter of seconds, teachers can assign tailored homework and extra practice from a selection of over 100,000 math activities and effectively target areas where students are struggling or need extra support.

Additionally, they can create learning groups and adapt activities to a comfortable pace for individual students, streamlining the process of differentiation.

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The importance of motivation and engagement in math intervention programs

Teachers know that when students are engaged, they’re more eager to explore, experiment, and push their limits!

In Mathletics students can create unique avatars, embark on math adventures and track their progress through their very own Student Center. Here, goals are set, accomplishments are celebrated, and rewards are collected!

Mathseeds, designed for early learners, offers interactive and engaging lessons that not only establish a strong foundation in math but also ignite an enthusiasm for learning.

With vibrant animations, delightful characters and captivating rewards, get ready to witness the joy that accompanies learning math with Mathseeds!

Data-backed reports for evidence-based math intervention

With easily generated reports that track student progress and pinpoint learning gaps, teachers are empowered to make timely and informed instructional decisions.

This data-driven approach ensures educators provide targeted support to students who need it most, transforming math intervention into a precise and effective process where teaching can be tailored with confidence.

Marking a pile of students' work

Trusted and proven math intervention programs

Mathletics and Mathseeds have been tried, tested and proven, to yield positive outcomes in math education.

Mathletics, a globally recognized online math program, has earned numerous international awards and is used by over 120,000 educators worldwide. Plus, just 30 minutes weekly use of Mathletics has been shown to give students a 9% advantage in national standardized tests.

Mathseeds, ESSA-certified and curriculum-aligned, is preferred by educators for its proven effectiveness and multiple international accolades. Independent research has also confirmed it accelerates students’ math skills faster than those who don’t use the program.

With Mathletics and Mathseeds, you have the tools and confidence to make timely, targeted math interventions and significantly impact your students’ math education.

Click below to learn how these math intervention programs can benefit your school today!

Mathletics is an award-winning online math program that delivers meaningful activities to each student for effective math intervention. 

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Mathseeds is an online math program certified by ESSA, trusted by thousands of US teachers, and backed by proven effectiveness!

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