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Pushing Student Engagement to New Heights: Revealing New Courses

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As we watched the most transformative year in the history of Mathletics unfold (see the full 2023 recap here), get ready for even more significant improvements! 
Introducing the New Courses: research-driven and reaching engagement heights like never before! First live for Years 3–6 Fractions, with more topics to be rolled out later this year. 

Better by Design: Introducing the Game-Changing New Courses 

Mathletics introduces New Courses, brand new content for the new Australian Curriculum V9 and the new NSW Syllabus in the proven 10question set structure 

Better by design, we grounded the newly developed content in research-based pedagogy, harnessing the proven power of High Impact Teaching Strategies and Explicit Teaching. The New Courses cover more than fluency. It takes students further into reasoning and problem-solving through carefully crafted and sequenced sets of questions. 

The new question sets are scaffolded with 5 Fluency, 3 Reasoning and 2 Problem-Solving questions. Each set is accompanied by concept refresh videos, and every question has a hint and worked solution, providing a structured and predictable learning experience.

From setting clear goals to fostering collaborative learning, each element is thoughtfully crafted to engage students in a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience. This approach not only facilitates maths practice but also nurtures independent learners driven by a genuine drive to succeed. 

New Courses makes learning fun in a rewarding and highly interactive way for students. It does what Mathletics does best, making learning fun by motivating and rewarding students throughout their learning journey. 

The New Question Sets: A Sequence That Makes Sense

New Courses enables students to systematically build their knowledge and skills. The journey to fluency, reasoning and problem-solving starts with explaining new concepts clearly, followed by demonstration and well-written, well-sequenced practice questions. 

Students work through these 10 questions in each set:
5 fluency questions encouraging students to recall facts and calculate knowledge efficiently.
3 reasoning questions focus on analysing, proving, evaluating and explaining.
2 problem-solving questions where students develop the ability to interpret, formulate, model and investigate problem situations.

Building a Growth Mindset  

Each Unit of Work starts with an ‘Are you ready?’ diagnostic test, which allows students to identify their understanding of maths knowledge before attempting the question sets in that Unit of Work.

Setting goals and intentions

This first screen of each question set welcomes the student with an introduction, a sample question, Learning Intention and Success Criteria. This gives the student a clear idea of whether they know the concepts of this topic or not. If not, they can watch a concept refresh video.  

Goals are made clear, and the student knows what to expect ahead. 

Students have three chances to answer each question correctly. When they provide an incorrect answer, they can review the correct answer and the worked solution before attempting an alternate version of the same question. This evidence-based learning experience encourages students to learn from their mistakes, fostering persistence and increasing their confidence.  


Students can visually track their progress, as animated stars twinkle on the mountain with an encouraging sound effect for each correct answer, enhancing their overall sense of achievement and motivation

With auto-marked questions, incorrect answers trigger the display of the correct answer. Students can then access the worked solution and the Concept refresh video, which provides the essential help they need. This enables students to learn from their mistakes, correct any misconceptions and make real progress in their learning journey. 

Each question set concludes with a summary, highlighting the student’s successes and areas that need extra attention.  


Experience Unparalleled Engagement 

New content excels at what Mathletics does best: providing an engaging learning experience that makes students want to learn. 
We engineered each question, each sound effect and each prompt to maximise engagement and nurture a strong sense of motivation through the following elements:

Immediate feedback offers personalised prompts and interactive questions, instantly celebrating progress with animation and encouraging sound effects.  

New Courses provides a visually appealing and highly interactive experience, designed to motivate and reward students.  
With auto-marked questions, incorrect answers trigger the display of correct solutions, worked examples and video lessons, creating an efficient and comprehensive learning journey. 
Personalisation. New Courses goes the extra mile by personalising the learning journey, welcoming, assisting and encouraging students every step of the way. 
Points earned for each correct answer are proudly displayed on their Student Console, so every time students visit their home page, they can reflect and marvel at the progress they have achieved. If they want to improve their score, they can have another go at the question set. 

Results Reporting: Instant Feedback and In-Depth Insights into Student Progress

The New Courses offer immediate feedback through Results reporting, providing teachers with comprehensive reports and actionable insights into students’ advancements in fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

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