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Meritopia Updates: 7 is the new 3!

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Back in February, we unveiled a bigger Meritopia, with two new lands to explore, a whole mining experience and hundreds of new characters to unlock (and your little mathletes loved it), but wait… there’s more great news!

What was once 3 is now 7! Students can access Meritopia up to 7 times in a week (previously it was just 3).

  • 200 Points: 1st access
  • 500 Points: 2nd access
  • 1000 Points: 3rd access
  • 1500 points: 4th access
  • 2000 points: 5th access
  • 2500 points: 6th access
  • 3000 points: 7th access

Log in to Mathletics now to enjoy the new Meritopia

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It also accrues your students’ time. So if students have their first visit to Meritopia with 1000 points, they will now get 15 minutes instead of just 5 minutes.

And if they wish to continue doing more activities in Mathletics and save Meritopia as a reward for when they have finished, they now can!

The Student Centre will store your student’s unclaimed access for a week, so they know exactly how many entries they have left to access Meritopia.

Meritopia new updates access and points

With the additional entry points to this exciting game-like world, learners are more encouraged to keep completing more activities and Skill Quests for points and merits in Mathletics.

Download and print our Meritopia reward system poster to let your class know all about the wonders of Meritopia.

How students can earn points to access Meritopia

By doing Mathletics Quests and Activities

  • 1 × correct answer = 10 points
  • 1 × correct test answer = 20 points
  • 1 × correct “Are you ready” answer = 20 points

By compeleting a Quest 

  • Level up or complete a Quest = 50 points

By playing Live Mathletics

  • 1 × correct answer = 1 point
  • 1 × correct bonus level answer = 2 points

By earning merits

  • 1 × completed Quest step = 1 merit
  • For example, if your student completes a Quest with 3 steps, you will earn 3 merits!

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