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Introducing Our New Skill Quests Reporting

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You may have noticed a new term in your Mathletics Teacher Console called Skill Quests (formerly known as UPF or Understanding Practice and Fluency).

Besides a change in name, the new Skill Quests comes with updated features to help you better assign and review your student’s progress.

Assigning Quests

You get the choice to assign specific quests to all students, or individual students, aligned to your local curriculum standards. You can select according to the curriculum and grade level.

Once assigned, students will be able to view the assigned Skill Quests under their quests tabs. As students progress through the steps, they earn merits that can be spent on Meritopia. The number of merits here is equivalent to the number of steps in the quest.

Watch their motivation soar as students progress to the next step when they answer 5 questions in a row correctly. If a student answers a question incorrectly, they still progress as long as they 6 correctly out of the most recent 8 questions.

View Reports 

In reports, you’ll find usage and progress reports across all core Mathletics activities including points, time online and certificates earned.

The Quest Mastery report shows you detailed progress and completion for assigned questions, giving you a snapshot of progress for your selected curriculum. This allows you to compare how your students’ progress against curriculum standards, highlighting their strengths and topics to improve. You can even export this report to an Excel spreadsheet for easy data manipulation or record keeping.

Time to jump in! Watch the video to dive deeper on how to use the new Skill Quests.

The new Skill Quests reporting provides a comprehensive picture of how your students are using Mathletics. It tells you:

  • how engaged your students are by giving you an accurate view of your students time in the core Mathletics learning areas: Activities, Quests and Live Mathletics (Note: the time in Live and Activities is combined)
  • which activities students spend the most time by giving you an accurate split of how students earn points across Activities, Quests and Live Mathletics
  • your students’ progress against local curriculum standards, giving you a snap shot of topics they are excelling, and topics they need more help or practice with

Try it today! Assign new Quests to your students

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