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9 Back to School Activities To Get Students Excited About Mathematics

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One of the best ways to get students’ brain juices flowing after a long school break is through fun, and adopting a variety of learning activities that students enjoy.

To help you break the ice this new school term, here are 9 out-of-the-box mathematics activity ideas.

1. Start A Mathematics Journal

Journal writing is a great way to encourage students to learn.

Math(s) journals can be used in two ways – for students to articulate what they are learning. For example, they can record their work and write their strategies, thought processes and solutions to a specific problem.

Journals can also be used as a creative and safe writing space for students to explore their perceptions of their surroundings and their relationship with the subject. It also helps teachers understand their attitudes about math(s) at a more in-depth level.

2. Is it Math or Magic?

Maths Multiplication Tricks

Kids love magic. Role play with your class and tell them they are going to be ‘mathematicians’ for the day.

Show your students these fun and easy to learn multiplication tricks.

Encourage them to show their new ‘tricks’ to their parents when they get home.

3. Unleash Their Inner Mathletes

Conduct a mini ‘mathaton’ by combining mathematics with simple physical activities.

Hold a race relay with simple mental sums outdoors. Or create different mathematics stations where students need to hop, run or jump from one station to the next. Use props like balls and hoops.

You can also use this opportunity to teach students how mathematics is used as a scoring system in various sports.

Here’s another fun idea, combining learning with competitive games with a round of Live Mathletics!

Live Mathletics

In Live Mathletics (a fun game found in Mathletics), learners can challenge with a bot, peers from the same class or school, in a real-time 60-second quiz that puts their mathematics fluency to the test.

Learning is self-directed as there are different levels students can choose from. They can attempt higher levels for that extra challenge, or do the same levels again until they’re happy with their scores.

Boost student engagement and achieve better maths results with Mathletics today!

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4. Conduct A ‘Live’ Interview with An Expert

Reach out to researchers or professors in your local University in the STEM industry. Get students to be journalists for the day.

Don’t have time or can’t find an expert in these fields? You can always invite a parent from your class and get them to share how they use mathematics in their work and why it’s important.

Women in different STEM jobs

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5. Let’s Get Crafty

Art is a great medium to get students to learn about shapes and geometry.

  • Create their own tessellations
  • Explore symmetry with simple origami
  • Make symmetrical paper cut-outs

For older students:

  • Draw shapes using parabolic curves
  • Create Fibonacci art with circles

Or provide students with mathematics tools like a ruler, compass and protractor and see what they come up with.

6. Create Your Own Mathematics Jingle

Put a musical spin on mathematics by transforming a famous childhood or pop song into a song about shapes, graphs, or statistics!

Need some inspiration for your next mathematical hit? We found a playlist of mathematics rap songs by students and teachers from Westerville South Highschool and were in awe of their music videos!

Our top pick has got to be this one.

Times Tables Toons in Mathletics

Mathletics also has informative videos and fun catchy songs such as Times Tables Toons.

Play it in class and let your students sing along and count their way through the multiplication tables!

Watch a preview here

7. Nominate A Class Mathematics Champion

Besides having a class monitor or representative, nominate a student to be the class ‘mathematics champion’.

Their role? To assist teachers during mathematics class and help foster positive attitudes when it comes to learning the subject.

You can assign them minor duties and responsibilities to give them a sense of ownership.

For example, at the end of the month, the champion gets to share a fun trivia with the class or something they’ve learnt.

8. Who’s Your Mathematics Hero?

Have a show and tell with the topic, “Who’s your mathematics hero”.

Get students to share their role model and encourage them to share why.

Everyone has one. Your mother, friend, father, sister, brother or teacher – it can be anyone.

You may even start the ball rolling by sharing your inspirational figure.

9. It’s time for… Mathamania!

Pick a month to celebrate all things mathematics and give it a name. Discuss with your students what other mathematics related topics they wish to learn and plan fun activities and projects.

Did you know, there’s a World Maths Day every year? The next World Maths Day is happening on 8 March 2023! You can stay up to date here to join in the fun and celebration of learning.

World Maths Day Winner 2021 and 2022 Evan Luc-Tran

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Which idea do you like best? Bookmark this list if you found it helpful and share it with your colleagues and friends.

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