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Meet the Play Paws

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We’re paws-itively excited to announce the release of a brand new Mathletics game for lower primary students – Play Paws!

A unique and innovative learning resource within Mathletics, Play Paws builds essential skills and capabilities in place value, number sense, addition and subtraction. A series of guided and practice modules support students as they use ten frames and place value blocks to master addition and subtraction strategies.

What’s great for teachers is that Play Paws mirrors the use of concrete materials digitally so that they can lead demonstrations to the class on a whiteboard and students can learn individually on devices in class and – importantly – at home. It also means no more stray place value blocks scattered around the classroom!

Once students have tackled the new concepts and content, they answer a range of questions using the strategies they have learned.

Student progress is rewarded with a colourful and fun animal dress-up game where they can purchase costumes for their helper characters.

Play Paws Student Experience

Primary students can access Play Paws via the Play section of their student console.

Ten Frames game mode

Students learn and grow efficient in representing numbers, adding and subtracting within 0 to 30.

Place Value Block game mode

Students learn and grow efficient in representing numbers, adding and subtracting within 0 to 100.

Each game mode features interactive digital tutorials that step students through different strategies at their own pace, so the experience supports their individual learning with both text instructions and visuals they interact with in real time.


As students complete their guided and practice modules they earn golden stars and gold keys which they can trade for backdrops and costumes for their characters.

  • 5 keys to unlock backdrops
  • 1 key to unlock costume item
  • 200+ items to unlock

There’s only one thing left to do now and that’s to jump in and explore Play Paws yourself. We hope you enjoy it!

Don’t have a Mathletics account? Register for a free trial here.

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