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Una and Jiro’s Interactive Storybooks – now available in Mathletics

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Step inside an enchanting world and join Una and Jiro on their number journey. Set in a beautifully hand-drawn world, Una and Jiro’s number journey is a perfect collection of interactive storybooks that introduce students to whole numbers and counting skills.

Through the stories, teachers take students on an exciting classroom adventure with our heroes Una, Jiro and their sidekick Spot, as they travel down a winding river visiting new places, making new friends and discovering numbers along the way.

With 10 interactive storybook adventures (a new number explored in each), Una and Jiro’s Number Journey is a truly unique resource that bridges the world of mathematics, literacy, the arts and more. An interactive experience provides an engaging and relatable experience for students and saves teachers time and effort in presentation and preparation.

The storybooks are accompanied by support materials for use as reference resources in the classroom, extension activities and lessons guides for teachers. These materials also encourage teachers to help students identify multiple representations of numbers and collections by modelling effective counting techniques, referencing wall displays, prompting active questions and providing follow up activities.


  • Number frieze – the Una and Jiro number frieze (1 to 10) represents the river down which the characters are travelling
  • Boat printable – this is placed on the number frieze at the start of a lesson to indicate the number that is being explored
  • Table frieze – students can use the table frieze as a reference and to keep track of their number journey
  • Standard worksheets 1 to 10 – explore representations and counting collections. These can be used before or after the interactive storybook to gauge existing knowledge or to consolidate understanding.
  • Narrative worksheets 1 to 10 – explore representations and counting collections in various formats. These can be used to expand on and consolidate understanding.

Teachers can access the storybooks and associated resources via the Mathletics Teacher Console. Don’t have a teacher account? We can help.

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