How to Use Mathletics to Keep Your Child Learning at Home

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You don’t have to be a mathematical expert to support your child’s learning from home, because Mathletics takes care of the content for you.

All you need to do is motivate your child to log on and learn via these ten easy steps.

Ensure your child has a device to access the program

Mathletics is an online mathematics learning program which can be accessed from almost any home device with an internet connection.

iPad users also have access to a free app version, but just be aware that this does not yet have all the latest additions to the web version of the program.

Make sure you have your child’s Mathletics username and password

You want to ensure that your child can access their individual student portal, even if they lose their login details. It’s also needed if you want to log on and have a look at their progress.

Your child will have been provided with this information before school closed, but don’t worry if it’s gone AWOL already – just contact your child’s teacher and they’ll be able to email it to you.

Set your child up for learning

Encourage your child to complete some activities in the Learn area of their student console first. You may wish to suggest they choose an activity they haven’t attempted before, which will be highlighted with an orange bar.

If your child finds a question difficult, remind them that there is a button at the top right-hand side of each question which they can click to access extra support.

It’s also important to establish a comfortable and distraction-free space where your child can learn online. Don’t forget paper and a pencil so that they have space to work out tricky problems.

Let your child learn independently

Your child’s teacher will have ensured that Mathletics is set up with the correct curriculum content, so once they are familiar with the program, they can work through their automated personal learning track at their own pace. All you need to do is motivate them to login and use it regularly.

Monitor your child’s progress

At the top of your child’s student console, you will see a blue button that contains the amount of points your child has achieved that week through completion of lessons and assignments. If you click on this button you can also see their overall progress across different topics.

Mathletics also uses a ‘traffic light’ system to show your child’s achievement in each activity. Activities completed with a score of 85% or more will show green and the activity title changes into a gold sparkling bar. An orange light indicates a score of 50-84%.

You can use these indicators to keep informed of your child’s overall progress, and to point them to areas which might need some extra work.

Motivate your child with points and certificates

Setting targets for points or certificates are a great way to keep your child engaged and actively using the program, so help them set some weekly goals for the home learning period using these as an incentive.

Certificates are automatically awarded when a child achieves 1000+ points in a week, so this is a good challenge to start with. Points can also be used to buy accessories for their avatar.

Encourage your child to complete set activities and assignments

If a teacher has assigned an activity for your child to complete, they will be locked out of all the other areas and will need to complete this first.

Assignments can be found by clicking the Learn tab and then Quests in your child’s console. It’s a good idea to check this periodically so you can be aware of any specific work that has been set.

Get your child exploring all that Mathletics has to offer

Encourage your child to explore all the different areas that Mathletics has to offer. In the Explore and Play areas they will find a range of different activities such as:

  • Live Mathletics: your child can compete against peers, students around the world, or the computer.
  • Multiverse: learn times tables in an outer space, animated story world.
  • Playpaws: make mathematics visual by manipulating frames and blocks.
  • Rainforest Maths: learn new mathematical facts in an animated rainforest environment.

Download our printable resources

Keep your child’s screen time within limits by making use of the Mathletics eBook library, which is stocked with ideas for fun mathematics games and activities.

Select the topic your child is working on in the Learn area and choose from the range of eBooks that appear to the right-hand side of the activity bars. These can all be downloaded as printable PDFs to give your child a break from their device.

Celebrate your child’s progress and effort

Acknowledging and rewarding your child’s progress with Mathletics will ensure that they keep coming back to learn more. You can set goals for points as well as:

  • Gold certificates: awarded when they receive their 20th
  • Silver certificates: awarded when they receive 5 weekly certificates.
  • The Hall of Fame: this can be found under your child’s avatar, and it has a class, country, or worldwide view. If your child is up early and putting in the work, they might rank as one of the top students in the world for a day!

You might even like to share your child’s efforts on Twitter or social media, but don’t forget to tag us in with #Mathletics and @Mathletics so we can do our bit to celebrate them too!

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