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Student Completes All of Mathletics Year 3 Course To Benefit Earthquake Victims

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A young student from All Saints Primary School in the United Kingdom is making a positive impact on the lives of families on the other side of the globe.

Eight-year-old Ajshe is fundraising for the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal, which aims to support those affected by the Turkish and Syrian Earthquake.

An Act of Kindness Project

Ajshe initiated this Act of Kindness project as part of her school’s home learning project. The challenge she set? To complete all of Mathletics Year 3 Course topics and Skill Quests in seven weeks, to reach 50,000 Mathletics points.

But in just five weeks, Ajshe has managed to achieve her goal of 50,000 points (Live Mathletics points + Activity points + Skill Quests points). This was two weeks earlier than the time she set for herself, which goes to show how much hard work she has put in to accomplish her goal!

Ajshe Mathletics leader board

To date, she has raised £230 for the charity. To top it off, the 3P Learning (the company behind Mathletics) has also donated £100 towards her cause.

The Inspiration Behind the Project

Ajshe’s mother explained that the inspiration behind this project came about because her daughter loves mathematics and finds joy in using Mathletics.

“We thought why not combine something she loves with raising money for a good cause. The project had to be done in seven weeks, so we thought it would be a good challenge to complete all topics and Quests and earn 50,000 in this time frame. Little did we know she would complete it all in five [weeks],” her mother said in an email interview.

She adds how Mathletics has a “broad range of learning material to suit the needs of different learning styles.”

“I love the Skill Quests as these have helped my daughter a great deal. She has always excelled in mathematics and has always been able to give the correct answer, but never been able to explain how she got there.”

How Mathletics Boosted her Confidence

After using Mathletics, her mother noticed a positive change in Ajshe’s mathematics confidence, and how her daughter is now able to explain how she gets her answers.

Furthermore, playing Live Mathletics (a timed fluency game in Mathletics), has helped the Year 3 student overcome her fear of being timed.

“Previously when put under pressure, she [Ajshe] tends to get upset. Although she was more than capable in all aspects of mathematics, she would just freeze and forget everything. I believe this will also be beneficial to her when it comes to examinations and time restrictions,” her mother added.

Practicing on Live Mathletics has not only helped her overcome this fear, but it has also enabled her to ace the latest times table and division Superhero Challenge at school.

Having used Mathletics since Year 1, Ajshe uses the program independently at home unless she has difficulties with a particular topic. If this happens, both mother and daughter will work through it together until Ajshe feels confident enough to do it by herself.

When asked if she has any tips to motivate children to do maths, the mother of one says early exposure helps.

“Try watching videos on YouTube all about counting and maths… Allow your children to do maths topics they enjoy to encourage them. Constantly forcing them to do ones they do not like will only put them off. And always do maths homework as soon as you get it.”

As for Ajshe, her top two activities in Mathletics are Skill Quests and Multiverse. Why? Because Skill Quests activities make her “think more” and she gets to “earn merits to enter Meritopia.”

When asked why she loves Multiverse, it’s because the exploration game is based on multiplication, which is one of her “favourite topics and it’s really fun.”

Celebrating Mathletes from around the World

We’re so inspired to see Ajshe working hard on Mathletics and using it as a challenge to benefit others. We wish her all the best and hope that her story will inspire aspiring mathletes out there!

If you’d like to support Ajshe, head to her Just Giving page here.

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