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Rewarding Participation and Celebrating Success with Mathletics in your School

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Using Mathletics regularly with your class is the key to getting the most from it.

We receive so many success stories from schools about the amount of points and certificates that their students earn each week.

The Oxford Report shows that completing just 3 Mathletics activities a week, which equates to about 20 minutes, has a significant impact on maths results. However, if a student can aim for a weekly certificate (1000 points) then the impact will be significantly higher!

Mathletics Certificates are awarded as follows:

Bronze Certificate – 1000 points earned in a week

Silver Certificate –  5 x bronze certificates

Gold Certificate –  4 x silver certificates (20 weeks of sustained effort!)

Only one certificate can be earned each week – this encourages consistent participation.

It’s really important to reward hard work and children love receiving certificates to mark their achievements. Some schools hold special award assemblies for their ‘Mathletes’.  You can print additional certificates and access other free classroom printables here.

To encourage pupil participation in school and at home, you could reward one student as a ‘Mathlete of the Week’ every week or at the end of each term. Some schools have a dedicated ‘Mathlete’ board for celebrating Mathletics successes.

Mathletics certificates

“The many reward systems the school has in place definitely play a part in the success of Mathletics too. Winners of Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates gain points for their house; there are termly and annual awards and cups for the classes that win the most weeks and regular mentions of winners in the school’s weekly newsletter.

There is also a 100 club for those children who achieve over 100 certificates – currently one Year 6 pupil has 192 certificates, with a Year 5 pupil hot on her heels with 135 certificates already. We go beyond the rewards built into Mathletics to really celebrate success throughout our school. It’s not all about being the best, in our Mathletics assemblies we celebrate effort and the children who make the Top 10 for participation stand up as that week’s ‘heroes’.”

– Lovelace Primary School

“The children really enjoy it and are keen to win their certificates, which we award individually and also to a ‘class of the week’ – pupils win team points for their class for every individual certificate they gain for achievement. Once they get hooked they get very competitive! Parents have mentioned that it’s wonderful to see their interest grow.”

– Thrumpton Primary School

Mathletics Competition Certificates

Have fun with your Mathletics learning!

Reward participation and celebrate mathematics success with Mathletics