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Tips To Avoid Summer Learning Loss

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Spring is in the air, the sun is out, and summer is fast approaching. Your class is probably preparing to write their final exams and the “no more school for the next couple months” mentality is starting to sink in. The summer, although there are no classes, can be the perfect time for students to get ahead in their learning or at least maintain what they have learned over this past year.

As a teacher, it can be difficult to ensure students are learning over the summer. That’s why we want to help you best utilize the one resource you can count on to prevent summer learning loss during the summer months…parents! We have compiled a list of tips for you to pass on to your student’s parents to make learning fun and easy this summer.

Parent Tips To Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

1. Make Summer Learning Fun

A day trip to the zoo, a walk in the park, or sitting by a pool can all become learning moments during a child’s summer. Incorporate things like counting steps, timing activities, or learning about wildlife to keep children’s brain active and improve things like memory and recall.

Activity: Have your child figure out how deep the pool is in meters, feet, and inches. 

2. Get into A Routine

The best way to ensure you and your child commit to summer learning is to make a routine and stick to it. If there is a time every day that you know you will be with your child, use that time to incorporate learning.

Activity: At dinner time, find a brainteaser that your family can solve together. 

3. Reading

Make a list of books for your child to read over the summer. Ensure they are the appropriate reading level.

Activity: Have your child keep a journal of words that are new to them so they can work on adding them to their vocabulary. 

4. Mathematics

Math can be one of the easiest subjects for children to slide back in during the summer. Download or buy math workbooks and have your child complete a page each week.

Activity: Online math resources such as Mathletics host hundreds of downloadable student workbooks to use in the classroom or send home with students over summer. 

5. The Right Kind of Screen Time

There is no way to avoid it, so make the most of it! Download educational apps on your child’s device and make sure they are getting the most out of their screen time.

Activity: Download apps like Mathletics so your students are having fun while working on their math skills! Check if your child’s school has a subscription so they can log in for free over the summer.

Now, back to you! With teachers in mind, we have developed the Mathletics Summer Learning Center which hosts a variety of fun math worksheets and activities for you to use in class or send home with your students. Avoid summer learning loss and help students retain their level of learning with the Summer Learning Center, free to download.