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Fun Numeracy Activities for Early Learners in Mathletics

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Numeracy for Early Learners is Mathletics’ fantastic collection of blended learning resources that are designed to support junior primary teachers in developing foundational mathematical skills in their students, all while keeping them engaging and eager to learn.

From interactive storytelling that combines numeracy and literacy with Una and Jiro’s Number Journey, to fun, instructional Magic Mentor videos this unique bundle of digital and physical resources introduces F-2 students to the essentials of numeracy and a whole new world of numbers.

There are endless ways to use these Numeracy for Early Learners resources with your students.

We pulled together a list of some of our favourite classroom activities that involve our much loved Magic Mentors, Una and Jiro and the Play Paws.

Classroom Numeracy Activities for Early Learners 

1. Introduce a topic (e.g. Counting to 10) using a Magic Mentors video.

Don’t forget to look at the lesson guide for key points to stop during the video and great activities for consolidating understanding.

Magic Mentors - Mathletics

2. Lucky dip! As a lesson warm-up ask students to select a Magic Mentor video about a topic that they have already covered.

3. Show a Magic Mentor video at the end of a lesson to get students thinking about the topic for the next lesson.

 4. Watch a Magic Mentor video (e.g. Counting to 20) and then play a related Numbeanies game (e.g. Number line up).

Magic Mentors Watsonia

5. Read a chapter from Una and Jiro and ask students to make up their own number story.

6. Take a number journey with Una and Jiro by reading Chapter 2. Explore pairs in the learning environment and make a class list of all the pairs.

7. Using mini whiteboards or paper and pencil, have students work together to record all of the different ways they see the target number represented as you read a story from Una and Jiro – numerals, words, tallies, dice, etc.

Una and Jiro - Mathletics

8. Display Play Paws on a digital display and navigate to the Teacher Area. Use the Guided Mode to revise an addition or subtraction strategy using 10 frames or place value blocks. Or use the Practice Mode and have students explain their thinking to the rest of the class.

9. Use Play Paws as part of a mathematics rotation session. Have students work in pairs (in Practice Mode) or individually (in Guided Mode) to master the addition or subtraction strategy. Complement this activity with physical manipulatives, Mathletics ebook pages and a related addition or subtraction game such as Target 50 or Navigate.

Play Paws - Mathletics

Numeracy for Early Learners is now included in every Mathletics subscription for teachers.

So, what are you waiting for? Login to check them out and try some of our favourite activities with your class!