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How Mathletics Can Boost Engagement in Class

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Keeping students engaged is top of mind for all educators, especially when coming back from a school break. Here are our top tips!

1) Make it fun, fun, fun!

Math activities and tasks can be turned into games, adding play and fun to a skill being practiced.

How to in Mathletics:

Students can access education-based games like “Live Mathletics”, allowing them to practice their math skills while competing against other students across the world.

2) Give Students Choice

Providing choice gives students ownership over their learning. It allows educators to get student buy-in which will increase their motivation.

How to in Mathletics:

From the Student Dashboard, students can select activities they want to work on. They are provided with visual feedback on their progress, including areas they are excelling in and areas that could use a little more practice.

3) Utilize blended-learning practices

This teaching method incorporates digital learning with traditional teaching methods, creating a blend of teacher-led and student-driven learning. In this type of environment, educators are seeing increased engagement among students and efficiency among teachers.

How to in Mathletics:

In the Teacher Console under “Library”, educators can access eBooks containing lesson plans, teaching ideas, and rich learning tasks. These “offline” activities can be used to supplement online math learning.

4) Make it Adaptive

Ensure that students are engaged and completing math work appropriate to their skill level. Regular reporting and monitoring can help educators make informed learning decisions for their students.

How to in Mathletics:

Mathletics offers robust reporting on student effort, participation, activity, usage, and achievement. All reports can be found in the “Teacher Console” under “Reports”.

5) Make it Rewarding

Acknowledging and rewarding progress can keep students motivated and engaged. Students deserve to be recognized for their achievements.

How to in Mathletics:

Once students reach milestone levels of activity, achievement certificates are available to them. From the Teacher Console under “Reports” select “Certificates” to download. In one click, you’ll have ready-made certificates that just need to be printed!