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Exclusive trial for the We Are Teachers community.

Try Mathletics free for 6 weeks!

Mathletics hosts a wide variety of games, activities and assessments for educators to use in their lesson planning.
Mathletics supports various learning styles and abilities and encourages curiosity, competition and motivation among students.

Why Mathletics is right for you and your students

  • Contains an extensive library of curriculum – aligned content and supporting resources for teachers and students

  • Assign functionality allows teachers to schedule and plan ahead

  • Age-appropriate learning spaces available to help motivate and captivate students at all ages

  • Access real-time results and data to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student

  • Easily tailor learning pathways for students by targeting and adjusting course content to address student specific needs.

Time-saving features design for Educators

  • Real-time marking and immediate feedback

  • Automated reports for students and teachers

  • Courses with scheduling capabilities to plan ahead

  • Extensive library of digital and printable e-books

  • Access to conceptual learning and activity videos

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