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Designed by experienced educators, increase your child’s math scores in just 30 minutes a week with the award-winning math program for ages 5–16.
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See how Mathletics can build your child’s math confidence

Why parents and kids love Mathletics

Engaging activities

Keep your child motivated to keep learning and improving with exciting activities, games and competitions that make learning math fun!

Track progress

Track your child’s growth to understand how they’re improving and where they may need extra support.

Personalized activities

Sort activities by age and level of development, so you can easily find the right content for your child.

Why it works


Proven results: A study of 8,000 schools showed students who used Mathletics for only 30 minutes a week gained a 9% advantage over their peers in national standardized tests.


Personalized learning approach: Lessons match your child’s ability level, ensuring they are engaged and motivated to achieve their best.


Curricula-aligned: Designed by experienced educators to align with the most up-to-date curriculum worldwide.


“My daughter has gone from someone struggling in math to now one of the best students in the class!”

Jayna C


“My daughter has poor working memory which has created gaps in her learning and engagement with mathematics.  Mathletics is a way for her to practice math skills and fill in the gaps of her knowledge to build her numeracy skills”

Rebecca E


“Engaging and fun way to learn math. My son loves the games especially Multiverse which helped him with his times tables massively”

Swapna S


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