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Tip Tuesday: How to identify and reward effort with Mathletics

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It’s important to Mr Jones that he gives math rewards for students’ efforts just as much as their achievements. He wants to use classroom rewards and incentives for students who are demonstrating sustained effort over the term, and encourage those who aren’t regularly practicing their math to engage with Mathletics more.

Mr Jones wants to be able to see how long each of his grade 3 students have spent online each week, and how many points they’ve earned in that time. He would also like to know how many points have been earned from assigned and voluntarily completed curriculum activities.

Mr Jones’ students are expected to complete 3 assigned Mathletics activities each week, which takes approximately 20 minutes. They’re encouraged to spend more time completing activities voluntarily and playing Live Mathletics to refresh their math fluency skills.

Mr Jones knows that the Effort and Participation report in the Teacher Console can give him all the information he needs. Here he is able to see a clear snapshot of his students’ points, certificates and their time online.

The Effort and Participation report gives a summary of the group’s total certificates and points. They have earned 22 310 points this year! Beneath this summary is a table which shows a breakdown of individual student points, certificates and time online.

Mr Jones can see that the first student listed, Catharine Beecher, has been working especially hard this school year – so far, she has spent 19 hours online and earned over 10 000 points!

Mr Jones is able to see how many certificates each of the other students were awarded. He then prints these certificates to handout at assembly each week to reward his students, encouraging them to achieve 1 000 points each week.

Here are our top 3 ideas to reward student effort and participation in Mathletics:

  • Keep a wall chart in the classroom which displays all of the certificates awarded to each student so far.
  • Hand out bronze, silver and gold certificates at a special assembly each week. You can include prizes or gold medals for students earning their gold certificate!
  • Encourage the whole class to work together to earn a collective points target, such as 100 000 by the end of the term. When the goal is reached, reward your class with a fun end of term activity like a class party.

This teacher uses a gumball machine to track her classes’ Mathletics progress as they aim to earn 150 000 points! See here.