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Meeting diverse student needs with Mathletics

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One of the major challenges facing teachers is the need to cater to an increasingly diverse range of students. In the modern classroom, each student has their own unique learning abilities, backgrounds, and preferred learning styles.

Teachers need to be able to provide differentiation, and one of the proven ways of achieving this is with blended learning. Blended learning is the combination of digital technologies with traditional teacher-led classroom methods to maximize the student learning experience.

What if teachers could effectively support and cultivate diversity without wasting valuable time in the classroom? With the brand-new generation of Mathletics, they can! It is tailored to support a unique blend of teacher-led instruction and student-driven learning through:

  • Customisation – teachers can meet individual needs by setting courses and providing more guidance, or having students monitor their progress and adjust based on awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Differentiation – the curriculum-aligned learning tasks throughout the new Mathletics can be targeted to provide personalised learning for the class, groups of students and individual learners.
  • Personalised Instruction – Mathletics gives teachers the tools to cater for each student’s personalised learning needs. Teachers and learners work together to set the pace and balance of instruction, giving students control over their own learning pathway.

Control is in the hands of the teacher to provide students with different avenues to learn, based on their knowledge of their students and how they learn best. We’re empowering teachers with award-winning technology so they can address virtually any personalised learning challenge

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