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Captivating all learners with Mathletics

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Captivating learners can be one of the biggest challenges that teachers need to overcome.

Captivation is more than engagement. Creating a truly personalised learning experience is about more than just accommodating different learning styles – it means focusing on the whole student. Each learner’s individual needs and interests, mixed with their personality and learning style, creates a blend as unique as their fingerprint.

That’s why Mathletics takes a blended approach while incorporating teacher led instruction and student-driven learning. We believe it is an ‘and’ not an ‘or’. It gives teachers the tools to take charge and personalise the learning experience to suit the diverse needs of their students.

The brand-new Mathletics interface is designed to captivate students, with its bright colours, characters, avatars and engaging activities. The new look is designed to be vibrant, with clear visual feedback to support and encourage students in their learning.

Students are given the freedom of choice; they can revisit previous work and view results in real time, to engage with and reflect on their own learning. Plus, there are exciting games like Live Mathletics to motivate and challenge them.

Captivation happens when something grabs a student’s heart, empowering them to feel confident and motivated. Our new interfaces have been redesigned to foster a powerful desire to learn. With an engaging and meaningful space to learn, captivation comes naturally, unlocking results for all learners.

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