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Back to school icebreakers for your students to enjoy

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The school year has just started and brought with it a new, nervous and excitable group of students. Icebreaker activities are a great (and not to mention fun!) way for your students to get to know each other, and you. We’ve put together some of our favourite icebreaker activities (with a maths-y twist) that your students will definitely enjoy.

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Get to know new students

Ease the new class nerves

Human Maths Bingo

Students attempt to complete their bingo card by finding classmates who match the box descriptions.

Included: Activity notes and printable bingo cards

Years: 3/4, 5/6, 7/8


How do you get to school? Graphing activity

A great activity that teaches early learners to analyse and interpret data while they learn more about each other.

Included: Activity notes and printable graph

Years: 1-3


Birthday Line-Up

A hilarious activity (that’s completed with eyes closed) for secondary students.

Included: Activity notes

Years: Secondary


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