Mathletics courses are developed to align with South Africa’s school curriculum. 

Designed by teachers for school and home educators, Mathletics meets all national curriculum standards for GET and FET, primary through to high school.

Mathletics brings world-class education to your local curriculum

Our team has created courses that specifically follow South Africa’s national curriculum, including over 1200 individual adaptive activities for students of all levels and abilities.

Your students will have access to relevant content that will reinforce their learning and challenge them to go to the next level. Courses are supported with activities, eBooks, rich tasks and other resources, providing a captivating multi-modal learning experience.

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South Africa Curriculum Alignment Courses

South Africa Program of Studies Years 1 – 2 (Skill Quests):
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South Africa Program of Studies Years 3 – 6 (Skill Quests):
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South Africa Program of Studies Years 7 – 9 (Skill Quests):
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Mathletics is made to work with curricula from around the world