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The teacher console is easy to navigate and you can view your children’s progress clearly, with plenty of data and analytics available. Support is readily available via email or on the phone and we feel well looked after by 3P Learning.

Ali Shoubber, Teacher, St Mary's Catholic Primary School United Kingdom

Superb resource, I highly recommend Mathletics.

Anne O'Neill, Head of Maths, St Marys Primary School United Kingdom

Children love it and so do teachers. Win-win!

Mathletics Teacher

It has been a thrill for our entire school community to use Mathletics for so many years and I would strongly recommend the program to international schools that really value the importance of Maths & autonomous learning.

Mathletics Teacher

Want to drive school-wide improvement in maths?  

Our Better Ways to Learn Maths Package is the all-in-one solution for the needs of both early and older learners, plus a dependable assessment tool to fuel maths progress across all year levels.  

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