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Start this school year at full speed!

Fast-track your students’ maths performance with Mathletics, the world’s most engaging evidence-based maths program, developed to drive measurable improvement in mathematics.
Trusted and used by over 120,000 teachers worldwide, Mathletics helps focus teaching maths for maximum impact through: 
  • engaging maths activities, games and highly motivating rewards, empowering students to strive for progress 

  • personalised, curriculum-aligned learning experience, building maths proficiency and confidence with each lesson

  • powerful, data-driven reporting demonstrating the progress students make  

See your students’ maths performance visibly improve with just 30 minutes of Mathletics a week! 

This school year try Mathletics for proven results
  • Researched and designed by leading educational experts  

  • Over 15 years of international awards  

  • 30 minutes of Mathletics a week gave students a 9% advantage over their peers in national test scores 

  • Provides a complete mathematics course for students aged 5–16, from fundamentals through to extension 

  • 30,000 curriculum-aligned math activities and games let students practice and revise core math concepts taught in class 

Improve maths results across your school in just 30 minutes a week 
Get FREE unlimited school access to Mathletics for 30 days. 

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9 out of 10 Mathletics teachers would recommend our product. Hear what they have to say: 

“Mathletics has been a great success. Mathletics has proven to be an engaging, effective and enjoyable resource for children of all abilities. I’m glad we use this resource in Oughterard National School!”

Frances O Connell, Maths Coordinator

What Mathletics has done for our school is make it fun and if children enjoy a subject they’re going to embrace that subject and they’re going to really learn more.

Andrea Day, Deputy Head at Wallace Fields Junior

“It’s just a really positive approach and pupils seem to be encouraged to be on it as much as possible”

Sarah McGarvey, Teacher and Mathletics Champion at Ark Little Ridge

See How Ark Primary Schools Achieved an Improvement of 15% and Boosted Engagement with Mathletics

In 2021, Arks Primary Schools partnered with Mathletics for a 5-month pilot to measure the impact of Mathletics across 2,400 students, from Reception to Year 6.  
To personalise each student’s learning and differentiate instruction, teachers created multiple learning groups. During the pilot, each school assigned almost 10,000 Mathletics fluency-based maths activities. 
As a result:
  • Mathletics reinforced mathematics concepts in school and supported independent learning at home. 

  • Students were actively engaged and motivated to take control of their learning

  • Teachers were using Mathletics to create meaningful and deeper learning experiences

  • On average, students’ results improved by 15%, with an average highest score at 91%

  • 85% of students felt Mathletics has helped them improve. 

Read the full case study

Start making a difference with Mathletics today. Try it in your school for 30 days FREE!