10 04, 2019

What age student is Live Mathletics appropriate for?

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All ages. The 10 individual gaming levels include content from simple addition questions to complex algebra and statistics for Secondary/High School students. Students are matched together based on their personal speed and accuracy scores (regardless of age), so fair and competitive games are assured [...]

10 04, 2019

How is my ability ranking decided in Live Mathletics?

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Your ability ranking – from Raging Rookie to Human Calculator – depends on your top score and accuracy level. The Live Mathletics computer uses your average scores from your last three games to decide your ranking. Improve your scores and watch your ranking increase, [...]

10 04, 2019

What is Shadow Mode?

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Shadow Mode allows students within Live Mathletics to challenge other students in their class who are offline. On the main Live Mathletics dashboard, a panel on the left of the screen will display all the other students in the same class — ordered by [...]

10 04, 2019

Which level should I choose in Live Mathletics?

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Live Mathletics has ten levels of games. We recommend you choose a level that will challenge you. Once you reach Human Calculator ranking at one level, try challenging yourself at the next level up. Your individual Bonus Level (shown with a gold star) indicates [...]

10 04, 2019

How are credits earned in Live Mathletics?

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Credits (to spend in the Mathletics avatar virtual shop) are earned in Live Mathletics. 5 credits are awarded each time you win a game of Live Mathletics, and 10 credits each time you beat your previous High Score in any level.

10 04, 2019

How are students matched in Live Mathletics?

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In the World Challenge, students are matched on their ability and skill level, not age or location, to ensure everyone gets a fair game, every time. Live Mathletics uses lots of data from each student (relating to their average score, speed and accuracy etc) [...]