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Mathletics data reset 2021

Data in Mathletics is reset annually, in line with the end of the school year.


What this means:

  • Reporting is reset in teacher accounts
  • Results of Quests (Understanding, Practice & Fluency tasks), Activities (Activity Mastery activities) and Challenges (Problem-Solving & Reasoning tasks) in the ‘To do’ area, and progress bars, are all reset in student accounts.
  • Any assigned tasks or activities are reset.

What you need to do:

  • Download any data and reports to keep for your reference

    The Activity and Usage Report contains lots of usage information at whole school level as well as for individual students, classes, and year groups. This is available for download as an Excel file from the homepage of your administrator console.

    PSR & UPF Reports contain Understanding, Practice & Fluency and Problem-Solving & Reasoning usage if your students have completed activities in these areas. UPF and PSR usage are not currently included in the Activity and Usage Report and should be downloaded separately.

  • Let your students’ parents/carers know about the change to their child’s account

    Use this parent letter to distribute to your students’ parents/carers.

Option to extend your students’ results

Some schools choose to extend their students’ results from the previous academic year. This is generally not recommended but may be preferred in some circumstances.

Some scenarios in which you would consider this are:

  • Your students are staying on the same curriculum course next year
  • You are setting homework from a student’s current course for them to complete over Summer.*

If you choose to extend results, students’ progress bars and results are kept until the students’ accounts are updated and they are placed on a new curriculum course. At this stage, the results and progress bars will show activity completed on their new course. Please be aware that Problem-Solving and Reasoning results cannot be extended and will be reset even if you extend curriculum-based activity results.

*Please note: Only activities assigned from the Courses section will be kept. UPF and PSR activities assigned will still be reset.

To extend your school’s results, please complete the form on the right by Monday 12th July 2021.

Please note

You will still need to download your school’s reports if you wish to keep these for your records. School level data will be refreshed on Monday 26th July 2021 regardless of whether you choose to extend student results.

If you have any questions please contact us at or call +44(0)117 370 1990