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March Maths Challenge 2020

2nd – 8th March 2020

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The March Maths Challenge 2020 is a fun and free online maths competition, contested by Mathletics schools from across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia!

March Maths Challenge Top 10 Leaderboard

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We are excited to invite all Mathletics-subscribed schools to join us in inspiring students to love learning through our numeracy competition! A fantastic and exciting way to build engagement in maths, using the award-winning Mathletics platform.

The competition will run for one week, seeing students compete in live, multi-player challenges plus answering self-paced adaptive maths curriculum questions, all using Mathletics. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 schools, based on the highest average of participation points.

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1st Place

The first placed school will receive £500 / €500 / $650 / R9,000 (appropriate to your subscription currency) towards your Mathletics subscription renewal or additional licences, or against any other 3P Learning resource.

2nd Place

The second placed school will receive £250/ €250/ $330 R4,500 (appropriate to your subscription currency) towards your Mathletics subscription renewal or additional licences, or against any other 3P Learning resource.

3rd Place

The third placed school will receive £100 / €100 / $130 / R1,800 (appropriate to your subscriptioncurrency) towards your Mathletics subscription renewal or additional licences, or against any other 3P Learning resource.

World Maths Day Bonus!

World Maths Day 2020 falls on the Wednesday (4th) of the March Maths Challenge week. So we’re offering you an additional chance to win on this day!

This bonus day will help keep motivation and excitement high during the challenge week and will give your students the opportunity to dress up in maths-themed outfits and have even more fun! Share your students in their outfits and using Mathletics on Twitter for your chance to win extra renewal vouchers on top of the March Maths Challenge prizes!

The winning school will be the one that tweets the most creative or impressive World Maths Day photo or video – as judged by the World Maths Day team. Extra credit for the number of retweets you manage to get!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag to make sure we see your entries! #WMD2020

Why not see how many Albert Einsteins and Mary Somervilles come into school or get abstract and get your students to dress as their favourite maths symbol or number! Last year we even had some human calculators! Students could also dress as their Mathletics avatar (don’t forget to get the screen with the digital avatar in the photo so we can compare!).

£300 (or non-GBP equivalent) off your next renewal (or off another 3P Learning program). This is in addition to the prizes available for the March Maths Challenge 2020.

This competition is open to UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia schools with a Mathletics subscription. Schools must be registered for the competition to be eligible for prizes.

Winners will be determined by the highest average of total participation points in a school. This will be calculated by taking the total number of participation points divided by the total number of registered students in the school.

To allow fair competition between schools of different sizes, class points are calculated on an “average points per student” basis. For example, a school of 500 registered students scores a total of 1,000,000 points during the competition. Their league table ranking would be based on an average of 2,000 points per student.

Points from Live Mathletics and Curriculum Activities will be awarded to students individually and are only recorded throughout the competition period listed below:

Monday March 2nd 00:01am (UTC) – Competition opens

Sunday March 8th 11:59pm (UTC) – Competition ends

Students earn 1 point per correct answer, or 2 points if they have selected their bonus level.

By completing activities in the ‘Learn’ area, students earn 10 points per correct answer, with a maximum of 300 points from any individual activity during the competition period.

The 1st place school will receive £500/ €500/ $650/ R9,000 off their Mathletics renewal, plus Mathletics goodies including a trophy, posters and wristbands. There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd place schools.

Once the March Maths Challenge 2020 has ended, all results will be verified by the Mathletics team. Upon completion of verification, the winners will be announced on the Challenge website and via email. All results as determined by the Mathletics team are final.

Registration officially closes on March 1st 2020.

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