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Mathletics helps you create and set a homeschool math/s curriculum

Mathletics was designed by education specialists to meet the needs of home educators

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Here’s How You Can Create a Homeschool Math/s Curriculum With Mathletics

Find activities by age and stage

Mathletics activities are sorted by age and level of development, so you can easily find the right challenges and prepare lessons for your kids.

Hundreds of activities to choose from

Mathletics has hundreds of activities and games for you to choose from, so you can assign what you think is most beneficial for your learner.

Aligned to curricula worldwide

All Mathletics activities are aligned to math/s curricula the world over, so you can replicate, use and assign these as you see fit.

Simplified progress tracking

Weekly reports provide the insight you need to see where your learner’s strengths and struggles are, giving you the chance to celebrate their success and work together on their challenges.

Get 48 hours unlimited access to Mathletics for your home

Mathletics makes learning mathematics fun – try it with your kids for 48 hours and see how Mathletics can:

  • Make learning fun

  • Provide healthy and educational screen time

  • Connect you to their learning

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