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Mathletics is an affordable, always available math/s tutor

For less than the cost of a once-a-week tutor, Mathletics provides year-round access to great math/s activities and guided education

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Here’s How Mathletics Works Like a Tutor

Guided learning

Mathletics activities can be set to provide the right level of challenge for your learners – not so easy it’s boring, not so hard it’s demoralising. Guided support like tips and advice keep your children’s learning journey flowing seamlessly.

Instantly accessible

Easily accessible on desktops, mobiles and tablets, Mathletics is available wherever you are. Use it after schools, on holidays, or whenever you need to entertain or distract your kids.

Parent-friendly reporting

Mathletics weekly reports help you stay on top of your learners strengths and struggles, giving you the chance to celebrate their success, work together on challenges, and communicate with their teachers about their progress.

Math/s learning made fun

Designed to captivate learners with math/s, Mathletics activities and games are engaging and fun, so they’ll always look forward to more.

Get 48 hours unlimited access to Mathletics for your home

Mathletics makes learning mathematics fun – try it with your kids for 48 hours and see how Mathletics can:

  • Make learning fun

  • Provide healthy and educational screen time

  • Connect you to their learning

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