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Mathletics helps kids achieve their best in math/s

Mathletics was designed to help every math/s learner to find success, whether it’s with better grades, deeper understanding, or building confidence to keep trying.

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Here’s how Mathletics brings out the best in your learners

Challenging and supporting learning

Mathletics activities can provide the right level of challenge for learners – not so easy it’s boring, not so hard it’s demoralising. Guided learning through hints and support ensure your child is never too far away from a helping hand, contuing the learning journey seamlessly.

Engaging and motivating activities

Every activity in Mathletics was made to captivate and reward learners. Engaging progress animations, certificates, points and exploration keep your child focused on learning, and eager to seek out new achievements.

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Keeping track of progress

Weekly parent-friendly reports give you an insight into your child’s learning. Knowing where they’re succeeding and struggling gives you the chance to celebrate their achievements, work together on their challenges, and have a new way to work with teachers on supporting your child’s learning.

Encouraging practice and fluency

Mathletics was designed to help learners thrive in their practice. Games and engaging activities bring joy to learning, reinforcing school learning in the home while having fun.

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Mathletics makes learning mathematics fun – try it with your kids for 48 hours and see how Mathletics can:

  • Make learning fun

  • Provide healthy and educational screen time

  • Connect you to their learning

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