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Boost Confidence in Mathematics in 14 days!

The award-winning math program for children ages 516.

Find out how your child can get a head start in school and feel confident with their math skills with a FREE trial to an award-winning program that aligns with their schoolwork.  

Mathletics gives parents the perfect resource to prepare their children for school with hundreds of curricula aligned lessons and activities that bring joy to learning. Suitable for kids ages 5–16, the program is designed by educators and proven to increase math scores after just 30 minutes a week.  

Used by 3 million students across the globe, Mathletics builds little learners’ confidence in mathematics through personalized learning, exciting games and mastery challenges. 

Why parents and their kids love Mathletics:

  • Makes learning fun with engaging activities, games and competitions
  • Automated reports that keep you updated on your child’s progress
  • 100s of hours of engaging mathematics activities set in amazing virtual worlds

  • Lessons that connect with schoolwork.

Why it works

  • Proven resultsA study of 8,000 schools’ test results showed students who used Mathletics for only 30 minutes a week gained a 9% advantage over their peers in national standardizetests

  • Personalized learning approach matches your child’s ability level ensuring they are engaged and motivated to achieve their best ​

  • Designed by educators and aligned to your state standards

Give your child the Mathletics advantage and help them start the new school year with confidence. To get started, simply claim your free trial to the award-winning mathematics program for kids below! ​

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The Mathletics Advantage

In a study of 8,000 schools’ standardized test results, we found that students who used Mathletics for only 30 minutes a week averaged 9% more in the tests than those that didn’t use Mathletics!

What parents have to say about Mathletics


Mathletics is brilliant and I have seen with my own eyes what a solid foundation in math it has given both
my children. They are confident and comfortable with the subject and I believe that Mathletics is the reason.

Robin, Parent


At last, useful time on the computer! My grandson has improved in leaps and bounds and he loves getting the
certificates. I am so pleased with Mathletics, I tell everyone I can who has young children about how fantastic it is!

Giselle, Grandparent


My son initially did not understand algebra, but the Mathletics video tutorials and Mathletics Grade 7
algebra workbook enabled him to have that ‘light bulb moment’ where he understood the logic.

He is now top of his class for all areas of algebra and he is also in the top group for math. This was
only achievable due to the excellent home learning resources that Mathletics provides.

Amanda, Parent

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Create the love of
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Start Your 14-Day Free Trial ​

Create the love of
learning they need
to succeed

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial ​