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Upon registration, we’ll pair you up with a dedicated educational specialist, they’ll get in contact to setup a 20 minute remote demo to ensure a smooth Mathletics setup.

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Unlock Mathletics' potential in 20 mins

  • In a 20-minute walkthrough you’ll unlock Mathletics' potential to engage every student and take their motivation to the next level.
  • We’ll demonstrate how to set highly engaging maths activities and assign meaningful homework with just a few clicks.
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See your students rewarded

  • As you start to see your students’ progress, it’s time to move onto rewards.
  • The points your students earn for completing activities allow them to unlock exciting reward areas and celebrate their achievements.
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Track students’ progress at a glance

  • You can see student progress at a glance with the traffic light system.
  • Our educational specialist will check in to share the proven strategies tested by our community of educators and answer any questions.
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Seemless differentiation

  • Easily identify student strengths and weaknesses and focus their teaching for extra support where needed.
  • Your school will be well on its way to better maths outcomes!

Case study

See how Drumlins Primary School students improved their maths results

We partnered with a Northern Ireland-based primary school to help overcome the challenge of dwindling student engagement rates and improve schools’ overall maths score. With the support of Mathletics, the school managed to turn the difficulties around:

In general, students became more engaged and motivated to progress.

A positive change in students’ views towards maths occurred.

Gamified learning in Live Mathletics served as a great social connector between students.

Struggling students experienced a powerful confidence and intrinsic motivation boost.

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